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THE WEEK is a leading U.S. and international weekly news magazine that publishes 50 issues of per calendar year in the United States.

This publication was founded the United Kingdom in 1995 but started publishing a U.S. edition in 2001. Its U.S. operations are headquartered out of New York City.

As an information-packed weekly, THE WEEK is well-known for its wide focus that incorporates current events, news, health, media, science arts and more into an easily digestible format.

  • Publisher: The Week Publications
  • First published: 2001
  • Publishing frequency: Weekly
  • Issues per year: 50

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8 comments on “THE WEEK Magazine
  1. Kimberly says:

    I’ve never read The Week before, always been more of a Time person. Don’t know if I could ever switch. Anyone have any thoughts on Time vs. The Week?

  2. mitch says:

    I don’t usually go back and write reviews but this one is worth it. This magazine FAR exceeded my expectations with depth of coverage and quality of news writing. Don’t take my work for it, buy one issue from the stands and check it out first before subscribing but I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  3. Rolf Zerges says:

    For the past two years, I’ve found The Week to be the best U.S. news magazine, resulting in me cancelling my subscriptions to Time and Newsweek. The Week covers many topics fairly, and its weekly feature, “The Last Word” is always entertaining. Many of my friends are now discovering this outstanding publication.

  4. RC says:

    The Week has been better than expected thus far. I got a subscription, had 2nd thoughts, but now I’m glad to get it each time. Pretty thorough coverage.

  5. Marion Freuthal says:

    The Week is a great little news magazine. It gives the news concisely with more than one point of view. My husband and I love it. We had just decided to quit subscribing to Time when we received a free copy of The Week. We were hooked. We subscribed right away. I like that it is neither far to the right nor far to the left. In my opinion, it has no equal.

  6. Don Tanberg says:

    Only have read one issue but definitely like that they have remarks and opinions from both right and left political views.

  7. sarah howley says:

    Normally we would get The Week magazine on Saturday. Now it is getting here on Monday. Our friend a retired Postal
    Service worker said if this happens its because the Postal delivery person took it home to read over the weekend. Today
    we did not get it (it’s Saturday). Frustrating since it’s supposed to be a News magazine.

  8. Paul Whichard says:

    Been a faithful subscriber for 6 years.The last 2 years I’ve gotten 2 subscriptions, 1for myself and 1 for my parents.They originally got my first subscription about7 years ago. They have been getting a subscription for 16 years at least,cani get a deal 99.00$ for both subscriptions? You sent an offer of 1year 149.00 for 1 subscription.Love this magazine please give me a better deal for 2 subscriptions

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