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What is

We are a consumer resource that discovers the very best deals on top news and politics magazines. Why pay full cover price for your favorite news magazines every once in a while when you can simply get a subscription at a deep discount and have the magazines delivered conveniently to your mailbox? Whether you’re looking for an overall news magazine or a more focused politics magazine, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you sell subscriptions to news and politics magazines directly?

No, we do not directly sell news magazine subscriptions to consumers. We find the best discounts to save consumers the most money on their favorite magazines and direct them to the appropriate place to obtain those deals.

What’s the catch?

There are no catches when it comes to our discounts on news magazine subscriptions. As with most magazines, you can often get the biggest discounts and best deals when you commit to a longer subscription length. However, here consumers are never committed to anything beyond the subscription length they choose to purchase.

How often are new news magazine deals added? And when are new deals added?

New news and politics magazines are frequently added to our growing list of top magazines. We do not have a set schedule, we simply add deals as they surface. In addition, current magazine deals are updated as often as necessary – daily, weekly, or monthly – depending on whether or not a bigger and better discount appears.

How long do your news magazine deals typically last?

The lengths of our individual news magazine deals vary widely. Some deals and discounts are long, ongoing promotions, while other deals and discounts are shorter-term promotions. The length of an individual deal depends on the magazine itself and other factors, as well. If a specific magazine deal is time sensitive, we will make note of it on the deal page itself.

How can I find the very best news magazine deals quickly?

We try to make sure that all of our news magazine subscription deals are top of the line but it’s a fact that some deals are simply better than others. Some of our discounts reach all the way to 80% off or higher! For our current lists of the best of the best, see: Top 5 news magazines.

How can I find the most recent deals easily?

A list of our most recent deals and discounts on news magazine subscriptions can be found on our: complete list of news & politics magazines.

How can I contact

If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us here.