The American Spectator

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Published by the American Spectator Foundation, The American Spectator covers news and politics from a conservative angle.

This monthly politics magazine publishes 10 total magazines during a calendar year, with each issue bringing in-depth political coverage and insightful current-events analysis of U.S. news.

The American Spectator was founded out of Indiana University but later moved its operations near Washington D.C.

  • Publisher: American Spectator Foundation
  • First published: 1967
  • Publishing frequency: Monthly
  • Issues per year: 10

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The American Spectator

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2 comments on “The American Spectator
  1. Deland Bens says:

    The American spectator is a good read because of the funny and witty viewpoint the writers have about pressing political matters. The articles in this magazine provide well backed up arguments for many controversies of our time. The articles are written by well educated individuals that know what they are talking about. I often find myself amazed at their covers too, the art style screams humorous. Overall a good subscription to have if your looking for a tasteful look at political issues.

  2. mike says:

    No good. Stay away. Just my 2 cents…

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